Volume 5 Issue 1-2: A Retrospective on the Journey

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Volume 5 Issue 1-2: A Retrospective on the Journey *DOUBLE ISSUE


Guest Editor: Ron Scherubel

"In this, our 25th anniversary issue, we have included not only references to our history but also some articles we hope you will find interesting that place the Conservancy’s work in the context of historical preservation generally, and give some hints of what preservation might look like in the future," writes guest editor Ron Scherubel. "But we would be remiss if we did not also contemplate the challenges facing the preservation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s works in the future."

  • "Wright and Historic Preservation in the United States, 1950-1975" by Richard Longstreth
  • "The Origins of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy" by Jack Quinan
  • "A Day in the Conservancy Office" by the Editors
  • "Retrospect and Prospect" by Blair Kamin
  • "The ‘Saves’ in SaveWright" by Ron Scherubel with input from Ron Duplack and John Thorpe
  • "The Importance of the David and Gladys Wright House" by Neil Levine
  • "Saving the David and Gladys Wright House" by Janet Halstead
  • "Petitioning for Preservation" by Jeffrey Levine
  • "A New Book From the Conservancy Explores Additions to Iconic Buildings" by David G. De Long
  • "A Future for the Past" by M. Jeffrey Baker