Volume 6 Issue 2: Wright’s Use of Photography

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Volume 6 Issue 2: Wright’s Use of Photography

FALL 2015

Guest Editor: Susan Jacobs Lockhart

"The relationship of photography to architecture has become a major interest in recent years," writes guest editor Susan Jacobs Lockhart. "Wright’s use of photography, while significant, has rarely been discussed. This issue sets out to fill that hole."

  • "Wright, Photography and the Design Process" by Neil Levine
  • "Photographs and the Wasmuth Folios" by Anthony Alofsin
  • "Wright and Photography: The Early Years" by Jack Quinan
  • "Wright and Fuermann: An Architect and His Photographer" by Jack Holzhueter
  • "Wright’s Reliance on Photography for His Later House Designs" by Susan Jacobs Lockhart