Volume 7 Issue 1: Wright’s Religious Architecture

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Volume 7 Issue 1: Wright’s Religious Architecture


Guest Editor: Scott W. Perkins

This issue focuses on Wright's religious architecture. "Save for his domestic architecture, it is Wright’s religious designs that perhaps span his career the longest," writes guest editor Scott W. Perkins. "They vary in materials, spatial planning and ornament, and reflect a diversity of beliefs. This issue of SaveWright assembles a variety of approaches to appreciating his religious architecture, whether it is as a historian, architecture enthusiast or congregant."

  • "Frank Lloyd Wright’s Religious Architecture: Spaces for Communal Worship" by Joseph M. Siry
  • "Exhibiting History: Beth Sholom’s Visitor Center" by Emily Cooperman
  • "Lloyd Jones Traditions Resound in First Unitarian Meeting House" by Mary Jane Hamilton
  • "Wright’s Pfeiffer and Danforth Chapels: College Chapels for Modern Academia" by Dale Allen Gyure
  • "The Religious Structures of Frank Lloyd Wright in Historic Postcards" by Patrick J. Mahoney, AIA