Volume 8 Issue 1: Wright and Education

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Volume 8 Issue 1: Wright and Education


Guest Editor: Dale Allen Gyure

"Formative connections guaranteed that Wright would be extremely interested in education throughout his life," writes guest editor Dale Allen Gyure. "This aspect of his career, however, isn’t as well-known as some of his other endeavors. The essays in this issue of SaveWright explore new avenues of interpreting Wright’s architectural projects for education, focusing on built work—from the elementary school level to Florida Southern College—unbuilt proposals, and comparisons with other educational communities and theorists in an attempt to better understand how his educational history and philosophy manifested itself in his designs."

  • "For the Neighbors: A History of Wright’s Wyoming Valley School" by Peter Rott
  • "Florida Southern College and Progressive Education" by Dale Allen Gyure
  • "Frank Lloyd Wright and the Urgency of (Art) Education, ca. 1930" by Eeva-Liisa Pelkonin
  • "Frank Lloyd Wright’s Rosenwald School For Hampton Institute" by Jack Quinan
  • "The Live Moment: John Dewey and Frank Lloyd Wright on Continuity and Education" by Michael Desmond
  • "Building Owner Resources: Stopping Water Penetration in a Wright Usonian" by Daniel Chrzanowski