Volume 1 Issue 2: So You Bought a Wright House

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Volume 1 Issue 2: So You Bought a Wright House

FALL 2010

Guest Editor: Edith Payne

This issue focuses on ownership of Wright houses with three main themes: restoration, buying and selling, and Conservancy resources for homeowners. "In keeping with the mission of the Conservancy, we have devoted the second issue of SaveWright to the homeowners who, after all, are the genesis of the Conservancy’s existence, the original core of its membership and its greatest blessing," writes guest editor Edith Payne.

  • "A Preservation Model: The Glasner House" by Ron Scherubel with Jack Reed
  • "The Restored Turkel House: Source of Community Pride" by Jane King Hession
  • "Making a Wright House a Home: Restoration of the Richardson House" by Edith Payne
  • "Valuing and Pricing Wright Houses: General Principles" by Leo Koonmen
  • "Selling a Frank Lloyd Wright House: My Experience with the Brandes House" by Deborah Vick
  • "The Conservancy As a Resource for Homeowners" by Edith Payne and John Thorpe