Volume 14 Issue 1: The Progressive City

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Volume 14 Issue 1: The Progressive City


Guest Editor: Lisa D. Schrenk

This issue, drawing from presentations given at the 2022 annual conference, explores the progressive reform milieu in which Wright's early career emerged in Chicago.

"Social and Mechanical Intercourse: Wright, Hull House, and the Progessive Spirit" by Kirsten E. Ginzky

"Hull-House Maps and Papers" by Jennifer Gray

"Progressive Reform in Architecture: From Settlement Houses to School Buildings" by Kris Hartzell

"A Progressive Interpretation of a Progressive Building: The Abraham Lincoln Centre" by Ayad Rahmani

"The Bagleys: Important Early Clients of Frank Lloyd Wright" by Julia Bachrach & Jean Follett

"Advocacy is a Team Effort: Saving the Bagley House" by John H. Waters, AIA