Volume 2 Issue 1: Wright Overnight

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Volume 2 Issue 1: Wright Overnight 


Guest Editor: Michael Bridgeman

This issue details six houses that offer overnight stays to the public while continuing to be maintained as private residences. "The fortunate owners of Wright houses experience their houses not only through changing cycles of light but also the changing cycles of seasons and of lives," writes guest editor Michael Bridgeman. "For the rest of us, an overnight stay, a few unrushed hours of discovery, of sleeping and waking in an environment that encourages us to listen to 'our own prized internal song' is a gift."

  • "Historic Park Inn and City National Bank: A Century of Change" by Ann MacGregor
  • "Muirhead Farmhouse: The Whole-House Experience" by Sarah Muirhead Petersdorf and Mike Petersdorf
  • "Price Tower: The Tree that Escaped the Crowded Forest" by Scott W. Perkins
  • "Penfield House: A Tale of Adaptive Re-use" by Paul Penfield
  • "The Palmer House: A Masterpiece of Seclusion in Ann Arbor" by Jeffrey Schox
  • "Pleasures of Wright Overnights Bring Rewards to Houseowners, Too" by Edith Payne and John Thorpe