Volume 3 Issue 1: Strategic Interventions

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Volume 3 Issue 1:  Strategic Interventions


Guest Editor: Ron Scherubel

"With a mission to facilitate the preservation and maintenance of the remaining structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, you’d think the Conservancy’s involvement would be obvious—to step in and 'save' a threatened Wright structure from demolition or deterioration," writes guest editor Ron Scherubel. "But as you will learn in this issue, it’s more than that. As you will see from these articles, the Conservancy is more about the word 'facilitate' in its mission statement, than the words 'restoration' or 'maintenance.'"

  • "An Auspicious Start: Auldbrass Rebirth Nurtures Formative Days of Conservancy" by Linda Botsford
  • "From Boarding House to House Museum: Metamorphosis of the Westcott House" by John G. Thorpe and Edith K. Payne
  • "Quick Action Saves Goetsch-Winckler House" by Ronald Duplack
  • "A Perfect Hollywood Script: Renaissance of the Ennis House" by Larry Woodin
  • "Peering into Wright: How Peer Review Contributes to Restoration and Construction" by John G. Thorpe and Edith K. Payne
  • "Each Challenge Requires A Unique Strategy" by Ron Scherubel