Volume 3 Issue 2: Interior Artistry

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Volume 3 Issue 2: Interior Artistry

FALL 2012

Guest Editor: Scott W. Perkins

"This issue of SaveWright is a survey of some of the underappreciated decorative elements that serve as the backdrop for Wright’s furniture and objects, those that, once noticed, become admirable works on their own," writes guest editor Scott W. Perkins. "The articles that follow are appreciative of the designer as well as the maker and include case studies in addition to scholarly analyses."

  • "The Colors of Wright: Paint Analysis at the Robert G. Emmond House" by Lesley M. Gilmore, AIA
  • "Illuminating the Past at Hollyhock House" by Jeffrey Herr
  • "Framing the Hearth: Wright’s Fireplace Surrounds" by Eric Jackson-Forsberg
  • "Wright and the Corner Office" by Richard Cleary
  • "Architectural Paintings: Murals for Frank Lloyd Wright Residential Interiors" by Scott W. Perkins